Tsadé is an Hebraic letter. Different meanings cover up this symbol.

Unlikely pairings - Two connected worlds appart : humble craftsmen from remote villages and wealthy ultra modern cities. Tsadé is a  link reducing distances to share the best of each others. 

A hook bringing hidden things up to light. Part of our aim is to highlight skilled men and women making wonders with their hands. It is our way a to honour creativity, originality and Art and Crafts. 

Fair Attitude - We do our best to offer you the best quality of raw material and production.  We act with fair and consciousness for each people, animal and environment at any steps of the whole process.


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The story of Tsadé began with the end of our previous life.

We left everything to start a brand new life and dare to get outside the box. Travel was our best door to push to our brand new life,  ready to let us be overwhelmed by uncharted way of life.

We started an unexpected 6 months trip in South America made of outlines and present moment creativity. After months of breathtaking landscapes, magic people, unexpected situations, we found what will create a meaningful change in our life.


It occurred with a big crush in Peru for the amazing alpaca fur. We instantly fell in love with its incredible softness and high qualities. Back to France we designed bags and home textiles according to slow fashion standards, closed to our values. 

We came back to Peru, to check out personally the ethical treatment of alpacas, the low environment impact of our activity. It is also fundamental for us a to create a tight human link with craftsmen and suppliers. 

After long hours of unsure rocked paths, we finally met the Q'Eros, a precarious herdsmen community, our fur supplier, lost in staggering Andean heights. Fiercely and proudly committed to their noble roots we were touched by their wisdom, sacred link with nature and alpacas. their enlightening smiles. We are honored to work with them. 


Natural tanning

Bags and home manufacturer

All our products are entirely handmade by a passionate 3 years generation of craftsmen fur family. They  work as naturally as possible in respect of Nature and family sake. We select with us the best fur quality. Once again, we were moved by the heart, the simplicity and the excellence of their know-how.

We collaborate with small French enterprises and craftsmen : upholsterers, dressmakers, leather workers, collaborating with French luxury brands. They are all  high skilled passionate person we choose to work with to refine our products to offer you the best !.

Tsadé is a story of love, humanity, respect, authenticity, beauty. noble heart and soul from all of its actors. All these values are gently enclosed in each of our bags, cushions and throws, only for you.




The soul of the items

Japaneese sabers craftsmen believe in the soul of items. A part of the craftsmen is enclose in the items he makes. Items are repositories of the heart and emotion of their creators. That is why it was important for us to personally meet all the actors of the process to be ensure of the good hearted vibrations of our products. From the pacific alpacas to all Tsadé craftsmen.

The power of beauty

Because we believe in soul of everything, we think beauty has the power to transfigure and enhance the forms, give its intensity by sharing smoothing vibes to our soul : Nature, people, Arts, items, etc. This is exactly what we felt with alpaca fur, we were touched with it inner and outside beauty.

Deeply respectful and amazed by the Metiers d'Arts, raw materials, humanity, soul and emotions left in the subtile work of craftsmen

More Quality less quantity

We are more gourmet than greedy. Leaving in an era of over-consumption we choose to work following the line of slow-living. Less production in respect of the animal, to avoid to open an abusive market. Less consumption to take time to appreciate. Less consomption to have time to do thing with excellence. Quality depends on the fundamental factors. 

Our point of view on the fur

We do love and care animal. As the Q'Eros, we highly respect alpacas for what they are and what they give with their natural death. We only take what nature gives, we try to make beautiful things with it.  A way for us to honor them and to extend their pacific and generous life. Our activity is respecful and virtuous for the Q'Eros community. 

A little more about us : 


Christine is from a humble father from West Indies, her mother was a noble family from Brittany. Both mix of culture and social status was taken for a chance to enrich her life, open her mind, paradoxes sometimes ! She was deeply inspired by values of this two cultures : elegance, simplicity, authenticity, curiousity, creativity, noble heart and humour