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Our fur is ethic

The fur used is provided by alpacas from the Sacred Valley of Cusco, in Peru. They live totally free in the Andes, their native territory, during all the year.

No industrial nor enclosed farms. They graze in great outdoors at 4 800 meter height, where air and grass are pure. The sky is the roof of the habitat and mountains are their gates. 

Nevertheless, this paradise becomes their sanctuary in winter times... Temperatures drop to below -30° and 25% of young alpacas cannot resist to such merciless weathers.

The fur are collected and represents a humble source of income for poor herdsmen communities. Like The Q'Eros one, which who we collaborate, they mainly live off the wool income. 

We follow the rythm of Nature by taking only what it gives.




 Alpaca is the new soft !


 Used to be called "Gold of the Andes", exclusively dedicated to Noble Incas, today, alpaca fiber stands among the most luxurious ones 


Tsadé Alpaca pouches for softness addiction


When your fingers touch the fur, its extra-smoothness softly blows your mind instantly ! You slowly have the delicious sensation to 

Its extra fine fiber size, 18 to 22 microns is the secret of its softness. 

Your eyes will also be dazzled with Its stunning 25 radiant colors ! Brightness and shades of honey, dark, nude  playing with the light is such a wonder ! All colors are natural.

Be prepared to be softness addicted !


Cocooning promise

With the very law temperature of its high habitat, alpacas develop an extraordinary fluffy fiber. The warmth and smoothness depends on it. Native Andeans alpacas have the best wool quality compared to occidental domesticated ones.

The fiber 4 times more resistant and 7 time warmer than sheep. It remarkably combines unexpected lightness and resistance. 

Its softness is a peaceful answer to the winter harshness.  It is a promise to contemplative cosy moments, curled up under our warm throws and fluffy cushions !  

Softness addiction with Tsadé cushions
Zen effects with Tsadé cushions

Zen effects

Its softness has no limits by also calming down agitated minds. Your tensions are now released with your bag and home interiors acting like a destressing balm !

Their sweetness smoothes your mind and softens your body. 

Hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite, alpaca fur is totally healthy. You can enjoy it peacefully.

Tsadé is your brand new wellness diffuser !



    Loving cares for your alpaga fur


    You can do this regularly

    • Shake your alpaga piece well to fluff up the fibers.
    • You can use a dust cover for your bag but avoid plastic ones !
    • Your alpaga fur is sensitive do not expose it directly to the sun to preserve its color
    • For plaids or carpets, spread baking soda out once every 3 months - Leave on overnight then shake out the powder the day after.
    • Your alpaga fur is a natural high quality piece, try to choose natural or organic products as far as possible !

    Slight mark

    • Spread talcum powder in by gently stroke until absorption.

    • Let it act for a night.

    • The following day, shake your bag or cushion out.


    • Gently dab stain with a cloth with a slightly damp Pure Landes Pines gum spirit or 70 % alcohol cloth
    • Gently wipe off the solvant with a damp cloth
    • Leave to dry

    Important mark

    • Mix Pure Landes Pines gum spirit or 70 % alcohol  + talcum powder, 
    • Gently rub with a cloth dipped of the mixture above in the direction of the nap 
    • Leave it dry
    • Gently brush